Halloween is my favorite holiday and has a very special place in my heart. Every year as long as I can remember I have spent countless hours designing, crafting, and carving elaborate pumpkin portraiture. 

Until 2013 this was merely an annual  endeavor which despite the amount of time and effort I would put into it my work would simply begin to rot away with the passing season. However, thanks to a new development in Halloween Science Carve-able Craft Foam pumpkins never rot and can be displayed year after year as a proper form of art. Each pumpkin can be lit safely with LED lighting and I have designed special wall mounts for display. 

I do take commissions on designing and creating Craft Foam Pumpkins. Feel free to contact me for specific commission inquires.  

In this Gallery you will find examples of both my organic pumpkin carvings and ones carved from craft-foam pumpkins.