Halloween season is my favorite time of year. Every year as long as I can remember I have spent countless hours designing, crafting, and carving elaborate pumpkin portraiture. This had always only been an annual endeavor despite all my time time and effort. All my hard work would would simply begin to rot away with each passing season. However, in 2012 thanks to a new developments in the Halloween Sciences craft foam pumpkins became a thing. Because they never rot my portrait pumpkins can be displayed year after year. Each pumpkin can be lit safely with LED lighting and I have designed special wall mounts for display. This hasn’t kept me from carving normal organic pumpkins every year, which are easier to carve in my opinion, but each kind have their own pros and cons.

I do take commissions on designing and creating Craft Foam Pumpkins. Feel free to contact me for specific commission inquires.  Please note that due to nature of this type of artwork each pumpkin is truly unique and cannot be identically duplicated. If an original is sold I am able to attempt a re-carve, but the resulting carve will be unique work of art independent from the original attempt as my skill evolves. See the results of my Jareth the Goblin King Reminds me of the Babe carves as an example of year over year progression and an example of this.

In this Gallery you will find examples of both my organic pumpkin carvings & carved craft-foam pumpkins.