My name is Joey Edwards and I make weird and wonderful things. Wire sculpture, realistic pumpkin portraits, painting and more. I love creating the spooky and kooky. When I was a kid I would end up making many of my own toys out of wire, clay, and tinfoil. Anything I wanted to play with was limited only by my own imagination. That playfulness can be seen in my work today.

Making art allows me to focus and ventilate my brain by allowing me to process complex ideas and emotions. Not confining myself to a single artistic medium gives me the freedom and visual diversity best fit to scrape these visions out of my head. Although each medium varies in form and presentation, they all share the same style of dark and dreamy playfulness.

I also have moderate to strong protanopia, a form of red-green colorblindness. It’s like the hue of the world is muted a bit and many colors can blur together. Because I see things differently I can express myself uniquely. This often leads to unexpected visual results that can be bold to others yet mostly invisible to me.

Since 2017 my brand Edwards Art and Design has shown and sold work up and down the west coast from San Diego CA to Seattle WA and has been displayed in Las Vegas and New York City. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I love making it.

Interested in a collaboration, exhibition, sale or commission?
gardnerjedwards@gmail.com or DM via social media links below

Artist CV avalible upon request.