5/04/19 - 5/31/19 @ The Horsehead 99 W Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401.



7/26/18 - 8/25/18 @ New Zone Gallery, 220 W 8th Ave, Eugene OR 97401


05.05.18 - 05.30.18 at Memento Ink, 525 Main St, Springfield OR 97477. 

A montage of the opening 2nd Friday Art Walk reception of my gallery show CRYPTODERMIA at Memento Ink located at 525 Main St Springfield Oregon 97477. The show runs from 05.05.18 - 05.30.18 CRYPTODERMIA is a series of mixed media and wire sculpture assemblage mounts by Joey Edwards that make up an ossuary of cryptid taxidermy.


10/01/17 - 10/31/17 at THE HORSEHEAD, JAMESON'S, AND THE STARLIGHT LOUNGE in downtown Eugene Oregon. Each location featured 9 unique pumpkins. This was also partially a group show. Space at each location was shared by another artist- Joslyn Alana featured Paintings at Horsehead and Illustrations at Jameson's. Char Houweling featured a variety of charcoal and ink work at Starlight.  



6/03/2017-06/29/2017 at The Horsehead 99 W Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401. A collection of Acrylic and Mix Media Artwork. Prints available for most pieces for sale on site.



05/01/2017-05/31/2017 at the Starlight Lounge 830 Olive St, Eugene OR 97401. This show featured a number of Acrylic Paintings. 



10/01/2016 -11/01/2016 at The Axe & Fiddle 657 E Main St, Cottage Grove, OR 97424. A very nice write up of The show was featured in the Register Guard. This show featured 22 portrait pumpkins created in a variety of themes and styles.




09/01/2016-10/01/2016 at The Axe & Fiddle 657 E Main St, Cottage Grove, OR 97424. This show contained 16 paintings in variety of media and styles created over the last 12 years, some never shown before in public.




10/01/2015-11/01/2015 @ Ninkasi Brewery Tasting Room 272 Van Buren St, Eugene, OR 97402. 

A collection of meticulously crafted designer portrait pumpkins. Working from photos each design was transformed into an original graphic image using a combination Sharpie, whiteout, and digital editing to create a unique stencil. The stencil was then transferred onto a craft foam pumpkin where each minute detail was carved out by hand using X-acto blades, drill blades, and evil spirits summoned from hell. LED lights provide illumination. Each Pumpkin is finally wall mounted on a custom built display coffin .

Featuring varied pop-culture icons form The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, various music artists and more, these PORTRAIT PUMPKINS lure you in with their accessibility and then hold your attention as you take in every detail. By using high contrast design rafter than more traditional shading techniques each work borders on becoming  a living 3-dimensional graphic illustration.

This show was featured in a live TV News broadcast on local station KEZI on 10/19/2015.




04/24/2014-06/29/2014 @ Ninkasi Brewery Tasting Room 272 Van Buren St, Eugene, OR 97402. 

This show was my first formal showing of new art work in 8 years. This body of work, a collection of Acrylic paintings, was my way of expressing and processing a very profound and sudden loss in my personal life. 

Sharing something so intimate and personal is a very vulnerable experience. So with this show, Upgrade In Fire I made all of my artist statements using QR codes. The meaning and motivations behind each piece of artwork are very personal to me. Rather than just letting that all hang out in the open for anyone to see, by using QR codes I can make sure only people who gave a damn enough to look deeper can see these expanded insights. Because of this required participation I can then place my audience in an equal public space of vulnerability. By having to scan each statement with their phones out in the open my statements become tiny little intimate things you can hold in your hand. A video example of how this process works can be found here

In the below slideshow I have included all original statements and images of their corresponding artworks. While it does not provide the same sense of vulnerability, you would still have to scan each QR code from a semi public space of a desktop screen (or work cooperatively) to follow along with the expanded story of the show.




Circa May 2008 @ LaVerne Krause Gallery 5232 University St, Eugene, OR 97405

This was a Gallery Exhibit of various paintings and sculptures completed during my attendance at the University of Oregon.