Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Joey came into his own as an artist in the Pacific North West and is currently based in Eugene Oregon. A graduate of the University of Oregon in 2008 with a double major in both Physical Art and Digital Art studies, Joey works in a wide variety of artistic media ranging from painting, sculpture, digital, and even realistic pumpkin portraiture. From an early age he would make most of his own toys from wire, tinfoil and clay. This sense of play echoes through his work today by creating sculptures that take on new life as users bend, pose, and contort them.

Art for him is an act of self-ventilation providing an outlet to physically manifest ideas and process complex emotions.  While the experiences that inspire his work may be unique, when expressed visually they become something universally identifiable. Not confining himself to a single media allows him the visual diversity to best fit the means of scraping the visions out of his head. While each of these media varies in form and presentation, they all share the same style of dark and dreamy playfulness.

Joey also has moderate to strong protanopia, a form of red-green colorblindness. For him it’s as if the hue of the world has been turned down and entire swaths of the color wheel blur together. While this condition has never kept him from pursuing the arts, it has played a key role in his interpretation of the world around him and has led to a focus on dynamic contrast in his work. This often leads to unexpected visual results that become bold to others yet mostly invisible to him.

As of 2017 Joey has had his work shown up and down the Pacific North west from Ashland OR to Seattle WA, as well as cities such as Las Vegas and New York City.

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