EDWARDS ART + DESIGN Wall Mount Kit for Foam Pumpkins


EDWARDS ART + DESIGN Wall Mount Kit for Foam Pumpkins

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Almost everything you need to professionally wall mount a foam pumpkin year round. Includes specially designed adjustable wall mount w attachment pins.

 Light bulb/cord not included.

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Hand made custom designed wall mount for displaying foam pumpkin carvings. The coffin shape isn't just for looks either. By design, the angles of the coffin blend seamlessly with the pumpkin itself for the perfect minimalist display. Additionally, the bottom "shelf" of the mount itself can be adjusted via the attached chain to allow for various angles of display. 


1 x Nail, 3 x Thumb pins, 1 x Adjustable Coffin wall mount, 1 x rotary switch light cord, and Instructions.

This kit does not include the light bulb itself. Highly recommended that you use a C7 LED night light bulb. REMEMBER: Foam Pumpkins are highly flammable and should never be exposed to open flame or intense heat. Never leave unattended. Use at your own risk.